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Adventure in the Secret City

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On his first day at the Learning Center on the enchanted planet Otherland (which is not far from planet Earth) thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles’ personal flying zoomer is borrowed by a student named CJ, who takes off and flies to the mountains. Bunker and his friend, Gittel, follow him. After a few misadventures along the way they come across the mysterious Secret City that is hidden among snow-capped mountains. Bunker and Gittel meet Victor, a tall silver man who shows them around the Secret City. Snooping on their own, Bunker and Gittel soon discover a startling secret about the Secret City! In their search for CJ outside the city, they find two Azanos Indians who are half human and half lizard have kidnapped CJ. To add to the excitement, the dreaded Dogg Bolesto lands his huge spaceship on top of the Secret City and demands the return of his daughter, Orisha, who plans to marry Victor. He has brought along his doggers to back him up. (Doggers are men and women whom he has turned into human zombies.) CJ and the Azanos Indians appear and frighten Dogg Bolesto, who runs away to his spaceship. An impending catastrophe is about to happen in the Secret City and Bunker and Gittel leave just in time.

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