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Call of the Wolf 4

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Every wolf is destined for a mate.
This fourth anthology contains five stories starring big beautiful woman and the sexy werewolves that claim them.

Wolf’s Bride

Sam is a mid-rank wolf that rescues a kidnapped woman from his pack members. Is his alpha crazy? What was the man thinking while he nabbed the poor girl?

Then Sam realizes this girl isn’t just any girl -- she’s his mate.

The only way he can keep his alpha away is to marry and claim the girl for himself. Can Sam convince the beauty to elope, or will he be punished for his betrayal?

Wolf’s Obsession

Danny, a sexy werewolf, has wanted Abby since they were young. Not only is the beautiful and curvy girl his oldest friend, but his soul mate.

Fearing Danny’s reaction of her flawed body, Abby’s managed to push him away for years. After all why would a gorgeous guy like him ever want her?

Then Danny puts his foot down. Wolves mate for life and he’s not going to let his go. He’ll chase her to the ends of the earth, and claim the girl once and for all.

Wolves Psychic

Annalie, a chubby loner, has the gift of seeing the future. When three gorgeous brothers show up on her doorstep for a reading, she finds out more than she can chew.

First off these men aren’t ordinary. They’re wolves and they’ve come for one purpose. To make her a part of the pack.

Overwhelmed by her visions of the three engaging in hot passion, she flees in an attempt to change the future, but the wolves are not far behind. They intend to catch her and make her their mate forever.

Penny’s Alpha

Kit, a lone wolf, has loved his friend Penny since childhood. They’re mates after all. However, the plucky woman doesn’t seem to return his affections. Is it him, or are the insecurities over her curvy body getting in the way?

Meanwhile, a new wolf pack invades his territory with a sexual appetite for the girl. Determined not to lose her, Kit will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if he has to tear through the entire pack to do so.

Abducted by the Pack

Valerie’s alone in the woods. She quickly regrets that fact when she hears something rustle in the dark. What’s out there?

She attempts to escape to her car, but is stopped by three strange hunters. It becomes clear these men have a sinister agenda. However, before the hunters get a chance to carry out their plan they’re attacked.

Valerie watches as five werewolves, crazed by the full moon, pounce. When they turn their sights to her she flees into the woods, hoping to escape and hide, but the beasts are hot on her heels. As her strength begins to give out she can’t help but wonder what they’re going to do to her when they catch her.

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