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In the Service of the King 2: Ruled by Pleasure

22 pages17 minutes


When Connor is confined to barracks by an injury, he thinks his secret trysts with the king must come to a halt. But the king is not a man to be denied, even at the risk of exposing what Connor does for him...

For mature readers only.


"If you hope to satisfy me, you had best get to work." Aurelius stroked Connor's cheek. "The doors will open at noon."

Connor froze in horror. The bells had already tolled the half hour, he recalled. How much time was left? If the doors opened, the whole court would see him like this, sprawled naked across the king's lap. A man of the royal guard, his uniform discarded on the floor, a mere plaything of the king. Panic fluttering in his chest, Connor tried to climb down. But Aurelius held him in an iron grip.

"You promised me anything," the king purred. "Go on. Show me how much you want to please me."

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