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Shame On Her Catfight Edition 2

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Explore your wildest fantasies in a hot new series where women are stripped, shamed, and publicly humiliated before suffering even worse (and more arousing) punishments. But in these editions the gloves are off, and each story contains an exciting catfight as well!

Shame On Her: Catfight Edition 2 contains the stories “Shaming the Teenage Starlet,” “Shaming the Liar,” and “Shaming the Softball Coach.”

“Shaming the Teenage Starlet” – Amber Blake is an 18-year-old actress who’s one of the hottest stars on the planet, but the cute tomboy meets her match when she challenges her stunt double Shelly to a bikini wrestling match in front of a film crew. Both girls wind up naked, and after Amber is beaten she must perform a special service for the winner Shelly.

“Shaming the Liar” – Rosa’s life was ruined when Elizabeth Hightower, a stuck-up middle-aged client, accused the hairdresser of stealing her diamond earring during a haircut. Now working as a cleaning lady at a posh gym, Rosa gets her revenge when she catches Elizabeth at the gym after hours. First Rosa steals the woman’s towel and clothes from the locker room, then she forces Elizabeth to fight her totally naked. The rest of the cleaning crew gets quite a show as Elizabeth is beaten, spanked, and humiliated in a variety of sexy, outrageous ways.

“Shaming the Softball Coach” – On the last day of softball camp, cute athlete Christine challenges Jill, the meanest coach at camp, to a fight. To make things more interesting, the girls make a side bet; if Christine loses, she has to perform a special service for Jill, who is openly gay. If Jill loses, she has to perform a service on tall, overweight Harold, the camp’s biggest loser. As a crowd of campers cheers Christine on, the younger girl beats Jill, strips her naked, then makes her pay up on her bet to Harold. Afterward, naked Jill has to run laps, do push-ups, and perform other exercises she forced the campers to do.

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