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Back to the Boke

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(Note: This book contains two stories. The first story also appears in a larger collection, Daggyland #1. The second appears in the larger collection, Daggyland #2.)


For a while there, it really looked like Ricky had it made. He’d ditched his old life, cleaned himself up, and landed a good job with decent pay.

No more busting heads for his father’s crew.

But then one day, while Ricky watches from the safety of his New Jersey rooftop across the Hudson River, two planes hit two office buildings.

Now Ricky’s life, and the life of a nation, is in shambles.

A tale of redemption lost.

This powerful short crime story first appeared in the online noir magazine, Beat to a Pulp.

E-book Bonus: This edition comes with the novelette “Last Dance in Hoboken.”

Two stories. One quirky American city.


“D’Agnese writes the most unusual and interesting books.”—Bookviews

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