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Jungle Walker (A Sanctuary Novel, #5)

177 pages3 hours


Henley Bostwick thought an eighteen-month rotation in the South American jungle clinic would help her forget her cheating fiancé. She didn’t expect questioning a young girl about her broken arm would put her on the local drug kingpin’s radar. Meeting the incredibly sexy Sebastian in the middle of her frantic run for her life was definitely an unexpected twist.

Baz Alvarez had hidden in the jungle for five years. Too many years in the military and intelligence had nearly shattered him. After seeing the damage people did to themselves, he sought refuge where he was the most dangerous predator of them all. The elusive white jaguar the locals had come to call, the ghost cat. When the jaguar gives his vow of protection for Henley, Baz is helpless to fight his were-self.

An immediate connection is discovered and tensions rise.

Henley is strong-willed, capable, and doesn’t back down.

Baz is determined to live his life in exile with the least amount of ties as possible.

When Henley is kidnapped and brought into the kingpin’s human trafficking scheme, the Gato de fantasmas is out for blood.

Can they find the strength they’ve always desired in each other?

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