An Ophidian Apocalypse

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An Ophidian Apocalypse

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Length: 199 pages2 hours


A young man wakes up after having a dream that allows him to piece together the tapestry to the meaning of life. Something like the un-veiling of his spirits profound mystery. Giving his mundane existence a reason to keep writing. Away from the noise, seated in comfort at the center of his being. The possibilities of this state could and might as well be limitless as he unfolds the many layers of the uni-verse. Join a nameless young man as he slips into a coma to awaken from the inside out. A revelation of self, within an environment like no other. What will he find? What will he discover? This novel verse with its fluid flow is a reminder that rap poetry can ascend to unprecedented levels and uphold Hip-Hop as a culture with class and integrity.

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