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The Secrets of Tuddle Oak

Length: 460 pages7 hours


Despite being well-liked 12 year-old Molly feels alone.
When persuaded by the small, nagging voice in her head that, however ludicrous, the emergence of a stranger from Tuddle Forest and her mother’s impassioned story of a warlock’s revenge on the son of a hapless king are closely linked, she suddenly realises that she has no-one to share her suspicions with.
Continually haunted by a vivid dream, she is further convinced that awakening the past was just the beginning of the story, when the Nuffkin, a group of forest dwellers, identify Bert, her annoying, witty, often mischievous, younger brother as being identical to the boy they befriended a long, long time ago.
With little choice, and armed with her strong belief, a few of Tuddle Oak’s most eccentric residents and a Bolognese sauce, Molly ventures into the corridors of the unknown in her pursuit of the truth.
What she learns is that the murdered headmaster of her school was not the intended victim, that magically, the small voice in her head is not hers, what the Seventh Sceptre of Grendalin is, and sadly that her family’s ultimate survival comes at a grave cost.
For Molly, life in Tuddle Oak, will never be the same again…

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