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How to Self Manage Your HOA

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In my seven years on the Board since, I’ve learned a lot. In addition to the routine complaints and disputes with our homeowners, I’ve had to deal with unscrupulous property managers, bribe offers from vendors, and self-interested bankers and lawyers who weren't necessarily protecting the interests of our HOA. I’ve had to learn how to discern quality vendors, how to protect our board and community, and how to assess and acquire advisers I could trust. I’ve had to learn simple steps to prevent fraud, waste, and graft. And now I want you to have the benefit of my experience... without all the pain I had to go through.

What you’ll find in this brief is the distilled knowledge, secrets and insight from over seven years of pain and struggle in solving the mysteries of self-management. And whether you want to self-manage, or simply supervise your hired property manager, there’s one thing I can absolutely assure you of – knowledge is power! Power to assure you’re able to fulfill your responsibilities. Power to do what’s in your community’s best interest. And power to ensure that those who want to take advantage of you can’t.

It’s my desire to energize you with the confidence necessary to handle your responsibilities – a confidence that you may never have had before! So let’s begin to unravel your uncertainties. Prepare yourself to wrest back control of your association – perhaps for the very first time. You’ll find it’s easier than you may think.

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