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Patty's Flight

Length: 179 pages2 hours


Patty knew she was a good pilot and Freya, her tiny Civilian Re-entry Vehicle fitted her like a glove. She loved flying her CRV. Launch, orbital maneuvers, the fiery re-entry paths to pin-point landings, Patty loved it all. The micro-g environment at OASIS in low-earth-orbit was the slightly-shabby playground she returned to as often as possible. So what if she had to be her father's delivery service. So what if she had to taxi her kid brother, Alan, into orbit, crammed into Freya’s tiny pillion seat. Flying Freya was worth it.

Flying Freya gave Patty and Alan a head start when a passing asteroid decides not to pass and slips into earth’s gravity well. There were few reasonable solutions as to why an asteroid would change it’s heading but it took seeing the alien ship with her own eyes before Patty could believe it. She knew she had to get out of LEO even if they had not caught up with their parents. At least they had found a proper P-suit for Alan. Zip-Loks were for emergencies only.

From OASIS, orbiting in LEO, to the Corporate stations at LaGrange One was not a difficult flight but it was further than Patty had ever flown her little ship. And she knew her decision to run was the right one when a brief but torrid battle In Low Earth Orbit showed the aliens’ intentions. Didn’t anyone talk anymore? UNET went down when the navigation satellites were blanketed with noise. They were on their own.

Freya was a good ship, a fast ship, but she was tiny and with limited resources, Patty and Alan can only travel so far. Can they escape an alien invasion?

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