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For Her Sins: "Shadowdance" saga, Song 2

Length: 378 pages5 hours


Adriana - a vampire and an assassin.

Strathan - a sorcerer masquerading as a Hollywood bad boy.

The two made a deal: Adriana retrieves two relics for him, Strathan gives her information that could lead to her missing family.

Adriana did her part. Strathan reneged on their deal, taking the relics and murdering the last of Adriana's mortal family.

Adriana wants Strathan's blood on her enchanted blades.

Neither zombies and Neo-Nazi sorcerers occupying a former Nazi death camp, a demon assault on a red carpet premiere in Hollywood, nor three noble warrior sorcerers out to retrieve the shards will stand in her way.

Will the desire for revenge lead to Adriana's self-destruction? Or will the warrior sorcerers' influence drive Adriana to seek redemption for the sins of her murderous past?

Or is an unknown combatant using Adriana as a pawn in the secret war known as the Shadowdance?

The story that began in "By Virtue Fall" concludes in "For Her Sins."

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