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Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book Eight: Demon

Length: 479 pages6 hours


“Understanding some of the issues now facing the People was the real reason I had arranged the mission into Thoran Territory at this time, in part, it was also to show I was as trustworthy as the High Council had declared me to be by finding me innocent, as both the Guardian and a Tesha, since the court proceedings had exposed my reverse linking to all the People. I had also wanted this time alone in the most Power-filled place I knew of to meditate on what it might mean; now, I needed to cut that trip short.” ~ Kerrisha

Year 3 of the Era of the Fifth Guardian has just started and it has already been a busy year including multiple betrayals and the death of a True King. Now, the time has come to return the Heart to Thoran Territory and replenish their stock of the Healing Tea that can only be brewed with the help of her new Tesha’s family. Can another mission into the lands of the Lost Clan be uneventful?

But what of the vision? The one of the creature who should not exist and may yet rip their cherished Tesha from their sides. The creature’s reach has stretched beyond Kerrisha’s nightmares and the effects of its presence are already being felt from Drew Corp to Otland Tower, including at Devon Compound. We follow Kerrisha and her men as a new Prophecy, delivered by an unexpected spokesperson from the Power, propels them forward toward a new battle. A battle against the Darkness that all of us, even the People of Otland Iis, might find hidden in a corner of our own heart.

We have seen darkness in Tales of the Fifth Guardian, but now we discover a new Darkness. One born of an obsession greater than Richard’s ever was, but this is not an obsession of control. It is a dark obsession of possession. It is an obsession that will put Devon Clan and all of Kerrisha’s men at risk. For it is the Darkness that gives rise to the creature...

Includes an Otlantesha Dictionary and Pronunciation Key.

Caution: Contains Mature Situations and Recommended for Readers 18+.

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