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"Ragtime" Summarized and Analyzed

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“Ragtime” by E. L. Doctorow was first published in 1975. The story covers the time period from 1900 to 1917. This historical fiction has mainly New York as its setting.

The author has blended historical characters with fictional characters into a firm framework that encompasses the events, characters, and the important ideas in American History.

“Ragtime” was listed among top 100 English Language Novels in 1998 by the Modern Library. It is considered as one of the best 20th century novels. It also found its place in the top one hundred novels list of Time Magazine, among the novels written between 1923 and 2005.

"Ragtime" Summarized and Analyzed
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Plot Overview
Chapter Three: Major Characters
Chapter Four: Complete Summary
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Chapter Five: Critical Analysis

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