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Learn To Read Chinese The Right Way! Over 300 Chinese Character Flashcards! 3 Book Collection Volume 2

Length: 319 pages10 minutes


The book includes a collection of three of the popular 101 Chinese Character Flashcards series. Each flashcard includes Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters. These books can help you to learn to read Chinese as well as improve your vocabulary quickly. Learning to read Mandarin Chinese does not have to be a long and difficult process. This book is designed to be used on a reading tablet, computer or cell phone. Whichever device you prefer to use, you can take this eBook version anywhere and learn to read Chinese in your spare time!
The words in this book have been carefully chosen so that learners of Mandarin Chinese are able to familiarize themselves with commonly used characters. Included is Roman Pinyin for easy learning so that you can begin reading immediately. For those who don’t yet know how to read Roman Pinyin or how Chinese tones are spoken, a pronunciation table has been included at the back of the book.

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