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The Southerner's Daughter

Length: 392 pages6 hours


In an unusually stifling spring, residents of South Carolina glimpse the inevitable war ahead. Life is as formal as it ever was, but beneath the carefully fashioned façade, is a fear that’s sweeping both northern and southern states. Captain Seb Howard comes home from WestPoint un-phased by the recent emotions, but impatient to move his family to a safer residence in theNorth. All plans are in order, his father, Colonel Brayton Howard, and he have made sure of it. Until Seb meets Alexandria Smith, the daughter of a chief Confederate Officer, and all measures change. She’s a prisoner to her own home, and just a pawn in her father’s games. The Howards’ can’t, in good conscience, allow her to stay. With determination, Seb gathers his militia to delicately remove the officer’s daughter. Soon the onerous trek across the rutted fields begins, and if all goes well it leads the way to a better life. Alexandria’s father and fiancé are quick to follow with wealth and politics on their side while Seb and his private army battle with great skill against bounty hunters and a slave rebellion. Seb quickly finds this task harder than a trained soldier’s duty. The beautiful woman, with an appetite for freedom, becomes a distraction. In one unforeseen moment, when Seb drops his guard, the enemy—adorned with the upper hand—sneaks in and she’s gone. He must find her, only nowthe loss could mean so much more. With the help of his militia, they search with one goal in mind; break the enemy, and bringthe southerner’s daughter to safety.

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