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Infinity Squad 2

Length: 839 pages13 hours


It's a rough universe out there.

To escape a murderous alien planet and even more murderous chain of command, Second Lieutenant Jonah Forrest had to fake his own death, by actually killing himself and his men. With grenades. (It wasn't his best plan ever.) But now a cloned, resurrected, and promoted First Lieutenant Forrest must deal with an even tougher challenge: peacekeeping.

Because the aliens in charge of the gates between stars, the Benefactors, don't want their wormholes used to commit interstellar genocide. Well, not the bad kind of genocide. But the only weapon the Benefactors want their peacekeepers toting is the occasional authority to use harsh words.

Will Lieutenant Forrest be able to keep his finger off the trigger long enough to learn that true strength comes from the size of his character, not his caliber? Will this team of rebels be forced to finally respect the rules of intergalactic society instead of breaking them? And will Infinity Squad be able to keep the body count low enough to keep their jobs, stop totalitarian societies and pacifist alien mobsters from starting an interplanetary war, and prevent the universe's ultimate weapon from falling into the wrong alien paws?

No. No they will not.

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