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The Blessed

Length: 459 pages7 hours


Trufanion Loudermoss and his extraordinary sister Katryanna travel to Port Al Kab on the hope of purchasing the Inn of Glad Tidings, but after losing their life savings, and Kat is convinced she's in love, they find themselves in the woods of the Eretreyians instead. There they hear whispers of Blessed Ones who have been given special gifts at birth, for what purpose no one can guess. The Shadowlanders, the outcasts who live in the shadow of the woods, tell of a legend of an awaited One who will bring healing blessing and hope, even as they revere and fear the pale flower that grows on the woodland trees. But not all celebrate the coming of the Blessed, as Trufanion soon discovers while struggling for his very survival, even as he stumbles onto the mystery of his and Kat's childhood and the death of their parents and uncovers his own destiny.

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