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Through the Jungle

Length: 66 pages45 minutes


This novelette is smaller than a novel and tinier than a novella; it’s a bite sized, single serving of reading. Through the Jungle captures six snapshots of your favorite Follow your Bliss characters before they step on the road to bliss and then glimpses into their lives, after...

Before: There’s Kira in her little white dress, and then Ian, who realizes sandy feet and cold feet are synonymous. Brighton careens recklessly from bachelorette party to torn bridesmaid’s dress pre-wedding march, and Alex finds himself drunk at the altar, in Vegas. Baskia, not sure marriage will ever be in her future, gets okay with uncertainty, despite how fabulous she looks in a gown...and then there’s Trace, who, after a long and winding path, finds himself saying all the right things to the one.

After: With a wedding planned in Hawaii, the events during the days leading up to the I dos are a gloriously tangled mess of lives overlapping, past loves reappearing, and drama igniting. Engagements, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, and an escape to the jungle brings everyone right to the edge, discovering happiness is imperfect, then sends them over, whooping and laughing into the pool of bliss below.

The first several chapters are a prequel to the Follow your Bliss series and the subsequent chapters follow-up, uniting the characters on an island in paradise. Told from the unique perspectives of the main protagonists from each of the Follow your Bliss books, readers get to dive more deeply into the sometimes chaotic, messy, and always wildly flawed lives they’ve followed from tragedy and confusion to bliss.

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