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13 Years in a Wheelchair...but God

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In 2004, after being in a wheelchair for thirteen years, I was instantly healed of a progressive, incurable condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). There is no cure for RSD and it is progressive which means it gets worse as time goes on. RSD does a “mirror image” which means if you have it on the right side of your body it will go to the left side also.

This is my testimony of how I was healed of this condition and what helped me receive my healing. Even though I believed in healing, I had walls that stood between me and my healing. Once I understood what the Bible really says about healing, I was healed. Maybe you have some of these same misunderstandings.

I attended a healing school for about thirty hours ten years ago which helped me understand the truth. I have never stopped studying healing in the Bible. My prayer is that what I learned in the healing school and ten years of study and research will help you receive your healing also.

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