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Location of Eden: A New Discovery: A Latest Geographical and Historical Study of Eden

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The Bible reveals two Edens – the spiritual Eden and the physical Eden.
God, Adam, Eve and Satan all dwell in the spiritual Eden, as mythical symbols.
There is also the physical Eden in which flowed rivers that continue to flow today. A careful inquiry into their sources would lead us to the actual location of Eden, the geographical entity. The sites the various religious pundits have pinpointed are all so disparate and mired in controversy. Identifying the exact location of the Garden of Eden is tantamount to identifying the first settlement of the human race after the Great Flood. This identification will shed more light on the geography, history and anthropology of our land and lead us to a greater understanding of the truth, which in its turn would release us from the burden of several of our blind beliefs.
This book is a result of an extensive research that shows the light on finding the physical Eden at present.

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