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Witnesses and Ministers of the Word

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God has appointed us to give witness to the Word of God, as we minister (preach and teach) it. This is why He anointed us with the Holy Spirit and power, so that we can minister the Word in the Power of the Holy Spirit. To give witness to the Word is to produce or give evidence or proof to prove that the Word is true, sure, and trustworthy. Though Simon, the sorcerer, had deceived the Samaritans for a long time, when Philip preached Jesus Christ to them and demonstrated signs, wonders, and miracles, they submitted to the Gospel, such that Simon himself believed and was baptized. God is a True and Faithful God Who can neither lie nor fail to fulfil His Promise and Word. God bears witness to His Word both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and Distributions of the Holy Spirit.

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