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The Magic of Love Collection Part 1 and 2: Eight Fantasy Fiction Romance Stories

Length: 210 pages3 hours


Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story, as well as in parts 1 and 2.

Magician King’s Lover

King Valdmir’s land and people are under attack from a cruel enemy, and his only chance of victory and survival is to find his queen and unite with her in heart, body and mind.

The Better Witch

Theresa has come back from her long journey to find her love for her childhood sweetheart Tristan threatened by the evil fourth order witch, Lady Hawkins.
But Theresa has a secret she has not disclosed to Tristan. When she does, it may prove to be just the thing to get Tristan out of his tricky predicament and help save their love!

Sonia’s Curse

Sonia is a cursed and troubled Princess, on a quest to save her Kingdom, when she meets Prince Kristian with his army of men. The Prince turned mercenary has become weary of battle after many years and he longs to settle down away from warfare to make a new life for himself.

Taming of the Beast
Kane escapes from the Jarrick army—an army of half human, half animal beings who are driven and controlled by only the most basic and primitive of desires—hunger, lust, destruction and bloodshed!

The Traveller
Sasha finds her world torn apart when she is driven away from the home she has known for her entire life by her master’s new wife, the cruel and jealous Gabriella.
As a slave, Sasha knows she must accept her fate, and her fate rests in the hands of Lord Joseph Drake from a neighbouring estate, who is to be her new master. He has paid a very high price to purchase her.

The Reluctant Magician
Princess Ella arrives at Tarek the magician’s forest retreat, desperate for his help against the wicked Sorceress Tabitha, who is aggressively attacking the land of her birth and those whom she loves dearly.

The Forest Nymph
Xavier, by a stroke of pure luck, discovers Alyssa, a Nymph of the forest, sitting alone and naked on a large rock, singing sweetly to herself while combing her long golden hair.

The Witch and the Incubus
What happens when a witch and demon cross paths?
Miranda, a powerful witch, moves into her new home but unbeknownst to her, the building already has a permanent residence, the demon Davion.

Warning: Significant sexual content included within the stories, strictly 18+ only

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