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Excellence In Life and Godliness

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It is the Will of God that we excel in life and Godliness. God doesn’t want us to go through life suffering and wretched, even though satan will bring sufferings, persecutions, wilderness experiences, and trials of faith. But they will not last forever, for God (having used them to train, mature, and perfect us) will remove them. God wants us to be successful in life, and to prosper in all areas of life. You will succeed, prosper, and excel financially, materially, maritally, academically mentally, physically (health-wise), etc. Another area that God wants us to succeed and prosper is in Godliness. You should be Christ-like in your conduct. Godliness or being Godly is following God’s Way. Your spiritual life should be where God wants it to be. Maintain a steady prayer-life, and give no place to the devil in your life. Learn to follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit. And feed on, confess, and practice the word of God.

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