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New England Law Review: Volume 48, Number 2 - Winter 2014

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The New England Law Review now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This second issue of Volume 48, Winter 2014, contains articles from leading figures of the academy and the legal community. Contents of this issue include:

--Military Justice as Justice: Fitting Confrontation Clause Jurisprudence into Military Commissions, by Christina M. Frohock
--Physician Speech and State Control: Furthering Partisan Interests at the Expense of Good Health, by Janet L. Dolgin

--Losing the Quality of Life: The Move Toward Society's Understanding and Acceptance of Physician Aid-in-Dying and the Death with Dignity Act, by Lindsay Reynolds
--Public Performance Royalty-Rate Disparity: Should Congress Pamper Pandora's Pandering?, by Robert J. Williams, Jr.

--Diagnosis - Guilty: Commonwealth v. McLaughlin and the Conversion of Hospital Records into Criminal Convictions, by William Brekka
--United States v. Nosal and the CFAA: What Does Have to Do with Computer Fraud?, by Keith Richard

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