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Blood, Innocence And Glory

Length: 485 pages5 hours


St. Louis, Missouri, 1859.....The Delancys are one of the oldest, wealthiest Creole families in St. Louis and also one of the largest slaveholding families in the state. As America's threatened by civil war, the Delancys try to hold on to their southern way of life, but see it threatened by northern abolitionists and warmongers.

A man of honor and passion, thirty-year-old Robert Delancy, is a planter, physician and surgeon, who has killed three men in duels and doesn't hesitate to leave his bride to fight for the Confederacy, but when Robert ends up at a prisoner-of-war camp in Chicago, the sadistic commanding officer tries to break him with systematic torture.

Robert's younger brother Damon is an idealistic newspaper publisher, who defies his southern family by fighting for the Union Army.

Caroline Spencer is the beautiful woman who comes between them. A Yankee abolitionist, raped by a slave trader, Caroline vows to end slavery with her pen.

From antebellum St. Louis to Chicago in the 1880s, Blood, Innocence and Glory will take you through the lost dreams and sacrifices of the Delancy family, whose secrets are accidentally revealed to eighteen-year-old Danette Delancy in a haunted southern Illinois mansion. It's a novel you won't forget.

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