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The Bachelor Scrolls -- Part One: Isis Unleashed (Second Edition)

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Have you ever considered that hell on earth would begin with a war against women? In a dreadful future in the Americas, teenage girls and women live in fear of daily violence and all forms of sexist abuse. Rape gangs, beatings, malicious acts of workplace sabotage. And the agents of their recurring terror are their classmates, neighbors and lovers—males who have been corrupted by a mysterious evil. Female hopes for happiness are facing extinction.

So, like a messianic presence, the Egyptian goddess Isis intervenes in human history and appears in the Western Hemisphere in the year 2033. But that is only after she has sent an eerie stranger to inspire a radical plan, a blueprint for protecting female interests from an epidemic of male aggression. The Bachelor Scrolls – Isis Unleashed is the first installment of a fantasy that unites the Egyptian goddess Isis, an ancient symbol of the sanctity of marriage, with a famous American poet, a tormented soul atoning for the domestic violence that shattered his own household. Together they recruit a diverse group of women for a grassroots movement of female resistance. A goddess, a demon, a poet—and 42 single women.

Read The Bachelor Scrolls as an ominous, psychological allegory or as a marvel of multicultural fantasy—one that revives ancient myth as a cultural manifesto for the current era. Indulge your taste for the bizarre in—what is probably—the longest prologue in modern fiction. Or click the hyperlink in the table of contents to go directly to the first chapter. But beware: In the not-too-distant future, sexual politics will never be the same.

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