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Killing President Lincoln Murder at Ford's Theater

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Have you ever wanted to know more about history, but don't have time for the long version?

This book brings you a short account of the Lincoln Assassination. In less than 60 minutes you will meet the key players, learn the pertinent facts of Booth's plot, and discover the fate of the individual conspirators.

Lincoln’s bodyguard that night was John Parker, an undistinguished Washington, D.C. policeman. Parker was supposed to be stationed in the little passageway outside of the entrance to the Presidential Box guarding Lincoln. Apparently Parker abandoned his post several times during the performance, once to watch the play from the first gallery, and after the intermission he disappeared altogether with Lincoln’s footman and coachman to visit a nearby tavern.

As a result, the Presidential Box was left unattended when Booth arrived.

Booth crept in through the unguarded door. After entering the passageway to the Presidential Box, he grabbed the block of wood Spangler left there for him, and barred the doorway shut. From there he moved down the passageway, coming upon the two doors to the box Lincoln was in.

At 10:20 PM Booth peeked in through the door with his Derringer raised and leveled. He fired a ball into the back of President Lincoln’s head. Lincoln slumped forward, motionless.

Inside the box it was clouded with white smoke from the powder and shot. Mary Lincoln let out a screech when she realized what happened. Major Henry A. Rathbone jumped to his feet and began struggling with Booth. Booth lashed out at him with his dagger. He thrust at Rathbone’s heart. Moving quickly Rathbone parried the blow with his arm. The dagger dug several inches deep into his arm, and tore into his chest.

Booth broke free and attempted to escape.

Meet the conspirators:

1) John Wilkes Booth. Distinguished actor, Southern sympathizer, avowed hater of Abraham Lincoln, who first wanted to kidnap the President, and then set his course on MURDER!

2) Dr. Samuel Mudd who set Booth's broken leg, and provided him with a place to stay on the night of the assassination. Some say he was innocent and had no idea who Booth was. Others say he was in on the plot.

3) John Surratt the only conspirator to go free, because he was out of the area on a mission for the Confederate Government when Lincoln was killed.

4) Mary Surratt mother of John Surratt. The conspirators often met at her boarding house in Washington, and her Tavern in Surrattsville, just south of Washington City. For her part in the assassination, she became the first female executed by the Federal Government.

5) Lewis Thornton Powell the man who bungled his assassination attempt on William H. Seward, Secretary of State.

6) George A. Atzerodt. His part in the conspiracy was to kill Vice-President Andrew Johnston. He chickened out at the last minute, and wandered around the streets of Washington City drunk that night.

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the Lincoln assassination, you can do it now, in under an hour with this Kindle short. At just over 5,000 words and 36 pages it will whet your appetite to read more.

Most of this book was originally published in my book, Killing the Presidents released earlier this year.

Don’t wait another minute. Order your copy of this book today, and read the true story of the Presidential assassins!

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