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The Apostolic Ministry

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Apostles are those who are sent by God for special missions; and they are backed by God with special kinds of anointing to fulfil those tasks. Actually, nobody is an ‘isolated’ apostle, because apostles stand in one or more of the other four ministry-offices; and their operations and gifts as prophets, evangelists, pastors, or/and teachers (or preachers of the Gospel), help and enable them in the different areas and mission that they are called in their apostolic callings. To this end, you can observe that our Lord Jesus Christ, as an Apostle, fulfilled His Ministry with prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching anointing. Paul himself was a prophet, an evangelist, and a teacher. Barnabas was a teacher, Silas was a prophet, Timothy was a pastor, and Apollos was a teacher, plus any other ministry-gift(s) which might have also been resident upon them.

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