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The Extraordinary Life

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The Extraordinary Life

Length: 633 pages10 hours


Something that is extraordinary is very much better, more beautiful, or more impressive than usual. To be extraordinary is to be very unusual or surprising, because it would normally be very unlikely to happen or exist. The difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ is ‘extra’. The prefix – extra − is added to a word to say that it is outside and beyond the meaning of the word. Life in the Father, in His Son, in His Spirit, and in His Word, is an extraordinary life. This kind of life is foreign to unbelievers and careless/unbelieving Christians. The extraordinary life is the life which is beyond the ordinary life; it is beyond the natural life. It is the life that is more than the normal life. We are seated with Jesus Christ at the Right Hand of the Throne of God. And because we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are to do the very things which He did – even greater things. This is the extraordinary life in operation.

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