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The Pastoral Ministry

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The ministry of the pastor involves shepherding the flock and sheep which Jesus Christ bought with His Own Blood. A shepherd, according to the dictionary, is someone whose job is to take care of sheep. And to shepherd is to lead or guide a group of people somewhere, making sure that they go where you want them to go. I wish that all pastors know what this dictionary says about what it means to shepherd. This is because many pastors and shepherds are not leading or guiding their members and sheep in their churches to where they want them to go (or where they should go). Sheep without a shepherd scatter, being unguided. But it is surprising to see that while a shepherd who takes care of sheep (animal) will do all he can to make sure that they don’t go astray, many pastors (shepherds) to whom God has committed the sheep of Believers into their hands are allowing  them to go astray.

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