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Between a Bear and a Hard Place (The Broken Pine Bears, #2)

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Curvy, slightly self-conscious Claire Redmon is a woman with a few addictions: her dopey dog, inhaler, and fantasies about a big, muscled-up bear of a guy who she just knows is going to sweep her off her feet.

Yeah, right. Dating has never been this scientist’s forte, but she’s about to learn that when it comes to bears, reality is always better than fantasy, and two is ALWAYS better than one!

Kidnapped from their clan as cubs, tortured and subjected to experiments, Stone and Fury are barely surviving. The alpha werebears know nothing but pain, suffering, and darkness. When they are simultaneously gripped by a sensation neither can explain, not even the strongest tranquilizers can contain their rage.

They must escape. No excuses, no regrets.

Driven by something they don’t understand, they roar, claw and fight their way to freedom. As they escape the only home they’ve ever known, the bears run headlong into a girl with entrancing eyes and a scent that warms them to the core. A woman that they’ve never seen before, but who seems mysteriously familiar. Suddenly, it all makes sense - that surge must have been fate, and this woman is... their mate!

These are two bears who do EVERYTHING together, and don’t take no for an answer. No matter what, they will take her, have her, and make her theirs. Forever.

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