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Bull Poop!?

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“Bull Poop!?” is a humorous and enlightening story of a bull and a pack of wolves. The bull charms the wolves into giving him a leadership position with what initially starts out as a crude joke. The story quickly unfolds revealing religion in a skeptical light; whereby the reader may begin to wonder what is true within any religion?

The author does not accept the illogical premises given by modern day religious authorities. In so doing his Christian apologetics are uniquely hostile in its treatment of religion. In skeptical and oftentimes bombastic paradigms, the author works to demonstrate how religious authoritative principles were founded and stand in opposition to existential faith and truth.

The book’s appendices provide answers by going deep inside the construction of beliefs. Most importantly it shows a rational view of the divine, which people and the world seem to desperately need at this time. For the hopeless atheist, there exists a ground for ethical reasoning that doesn’t ask for absurdity. For the deeply religious, there exists a new way of explaining truth. The appendices ultimately provide a new foundation, whereby the ills of religion can no longer be justified. However, there must be a willingness by the reader to let go of current belief assertions.

It is written for everyone who has doubts and finds it difficult to believe in the concepts of the divine, but is still looking for a way to understand truth. Christian leaders should be compelled to grasp on to its views to help the multitudes who have lost faith and need straight forward answers to recover belief in Jesus as the Christ

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