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Amagumo 23

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Just imagine such a life showered upon you everyday. Money being nothing more than but an object, the fate of an entire nation of people resting in the palm of your hands, the deference of those same individuals living under your name, and the burning passionate love yearning for you from the woman of your dreams. We would all love such a life, and it seems such lives are only but obtainable in our dreams.

Nimbus, however, once had all of these things. Unfortunately, he now finds himself wishing and praying every night that someday he gets them all back, and reclaim his title as “King of Zeldine”; one of four kingdoms that make up Japan.

Going from riches to rags overnight, Nimbus is now forced to hide out in the dirtiest, darkest, deepest shadows of the kingdom his family once ruled over. With no resources, weapons, or even allies strong enough to aide him; any and all efforts of obtaining everything that was once his seems too pointless to even think or dream about.

That is, until Nimbus’ location is discovered by an old friend. Such a friend gives Nimbus the one sword capable of defeating Noir, the evil sorcerer that overthrew Nimbus and now rules over Zeldine. This friend also informs Nimbus, however, that the true powers of the sword must be harnessed before such a feat can happen; sending him off to a secluded kingdom in Japan to train and release the powers that lie within the sword.

Nimbus has also been engaged in a psychological war with himself since the day he was overthrown, driven by a deranged soul that takes over and speaks to his mind on a daily basis. Putting Nimbus into a race against time to reclaim Zeldine, before the evil soul that haunts him completely consumes his mind.

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