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Will I Do?: First in the Harrison Clan Romance Series

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Robert Harrison is fascinated by and inexorably drawn to the beautiful woman he sees across the crowded room. When the seemingly vulnerable woman declares she has to get married he sees it as an opportunity to make sure she will always be in his life. He is a prominent doctor, but his family owns a world-famous cosmetics firm and the wealth that goes with it. Katherine does not share with him that she is a world famous doctor on medical leave from her Geneva, Switzerland clinic after a devastating bout with the flu, wealthy in her own right, and an actual genius to boot.
Unfortunately there have been an inordinate number of women who have thrown themselves Robert in hopes of marrying him to be a part of that family and wealth. He thought he’d found the one woman who doesn’t know who he is and what he is worth. His sense of betrayal when he discovers Katherine is not pregnant and had to get married for "financial reasons" swamps his otherwise gentle nature and he presses hot, angry kisses on his as-yet-untouched wife. Anger quickly becomes one night of shared passion. But the man Kathi married and has fallen in love with makes passionate love with her, and then treats her with disdain. That one night of unprotected sex has some devastating and life changing consequences.

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