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Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon

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The book of Ecclesiastes is a search for the meaning in life.The quest of the author is to find what gives life purpose. He sought fulfilment in pleasure, possessions, position and profession. He examined life in general and saw that there was a general sense of hopelessness in it. In the end, he concluded that a life without God was a life without meaning. To know God and reverence Him brings the fullness and satisfaction to life we all crave.

The Song of Solomon is a beautiful story of a young couple in love. The love they experience is pure, healthy and filled with passion and delight.The story, however, does more than recount the tale of this couple. It also pictures for us the relationship God wanted to have with Israel and by extention, with us as believers today.

Both Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon speak to the meaning of live and fullness of life. Both speak to a relationship with God and the delight and satisfaction that comes from walking intimately with Him.

This commentary on these two Old Testament books, takes the reader step by step through each section and applies the truth of these books to our current day. Each chapter concludes with some questions to consider and some points for prayer to help you apply the truth of these books to your daily life.

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