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Prime Deliverance

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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/F

Prima AriELa has put her life on hold for years, ever since the death of her family. An opportunity arises that gives her a choice to begin her life anew. All she has to do is accept the offer to mate with the Leader of the Kiljorns, a neighboring nation. The two nations must come together and combine their military forces against a common enemy, the Morins. The leaders hope that the mating will secure the alliance agreement between the two nations. AriELa is determined to serve her people of Katiera. However, she is caught off guard by the return of a man she thought was lost to her. With his return brings feelings she had tried to bury deep within her.

Security Liaison TarAK has been training for years to take over security for the Prime family of Katiera, a position his father held most of his life until he died. When he returns to the City of Katiera to take on his new position, he is taken off guard by the striking beauty of Prima AriELa. He has always thought of her as a lovely young female, but without his knowledge she has grown into a gorgeous adult female. One that attracts the attention of other males. Unwelcome feelings stir within him for her that he must fight off. Those feelings only intensify when another male wants to mate with her.

Will TarAK be able to fight his feelings for her? Or will he give in to those feelings and finally claim her for his own? Will AriELa choose to follow her duty to her people and mate the Kiljorn Prime Leader? Or will she give in to the feelings she has always had for TarAK and finally know her destiny? Will forces pull these two apart forever or will love give them the ultimate deliverance?

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