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Zara (Galactic Cage Fighter Series Book 4)

194 pages2 hours


Caution: For Adult Audiences Only

They call her—Zara the Amazon. She has been a fighter from birth, a fighter growing up, and a fighter with a life's mission, so it made sense for her to fight for a living. The Galactic Cage Fighter Association is the ideal venue. She is paid to do something she enjoys, which is fighting and kicking ass. At the same time, it takes her all over the different regions where she can continue her search for the prize possession that had been taken from her years ago. What she doesn’t count on is having to fight these strange overwhelming feelings she develops for a very attractive human.

Special Agent Trig Roberts agrees to help the female fighter with her search. It is part of his job and he is the best at what he does. He travels with the GCFA while doing his investigation and finds himself frustrated when the beautiful leggy woman wants to be an active participant. He normally doesn’t allow the inexperienced to get involved with his investigations, but he has a hard time turning her down. As they spend more time together, he realizes there is more to the woman than she allows the world to see. He wants to know more and more about the mysterious woman.

As Trig and Zara proceed with their investigation, they uncover an illegal activity that could blow the roof off the governments. There are dangerous people who want to keep things under wrap and are willing to take the drastic measures to ensure their dirty secrets—stay secrets. Will Trig and Zara find what they are looking for? How long will they continue to fight their growing attraction for one another? And when all is said and done, will they survive the dangers thrown their way?

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