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Twin Bridges

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Hadley Jameson had it all in New York City, top detective in her precinct, someone to love, and a beautiful brownstone on the East side. Life as she knew it was good, but then, in a matter of seconds, it all changed and the Big Apple she once loved, became the place she could no longer stand to be in.
Landing a job as Sheriff in Twin Bridges, a place with no crime, was exactly what she needed. The fresh air and beautiful white capped mountains made leaving her beloved New York a bit more bearable. All but one of her demons was left there, that one followed her all the way to Montana.
When steer start turning up mutilated, the investigation leads her to Dakota, the beautiful and spirited veterinarian and the careful wall that Hadley had built around her heart was in jeopardy of being taken down, one brick at a time.

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