Control (The State, #1)

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Control (The State, #1)

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Length: 102 pages1 hour


Set in future Austin, TX, the state forces the obedience of its population through a sophisticated drug. The Academics, the police force for the state, enforce order and ensure the drug is administered to the people. While most of the citizens are turned into drones, a token fighting force rebels against the state's military might.

Kara, a soldier of the resistance, is given the daunting task of turning her old friend Matt, a captured Academic, to her side. Orem, the resistance leader, must face his past and make the right choices for the resistance, even if it costs him dearly.

The ideologies of the state and the resistance cannot co-exist. One will triumph and the other will be extinguished. Can Kara and Orem prevail against the state?

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