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Cat Walk Diaries - Book 6 - Yacht Party: Cat Walk Diaries, #6

Length: 74 pages1 hour


The Cat Walk Agency hires models - only the most beautiful women are chosen. But there is another darker side-line business at this modeling agency. A few special women are hired for a short time by 'men-of-means.' The cost is high--it might be even higher for the women who are thus employed. Each of the women uses an alias.

This book is for the readers who contacted me, wanting to hear more about Ruby and Richie's romance from book 3 in the Cat Walk Diaries. There were also requests to find out if Ebony and Ted got together again frin their story is in book 2. This is a continuation of the stories of these two couples.

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Cat Walk Diaries - Book 6 - Yacht Party 

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