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The Blood of Jesus Christ

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There is power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, even though He came much later to sacrifice Himself (Rev. 13:8). When He came into this world, He lived without spot or blemish; and that was why His Blood was qualified to be shed for the salvation, deliverance, and restoration of the sons of men. However, even though the Blood has been shed, it has power over your life when you accept the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and when you apply the Blood. It is necessary to apply the Blood of Jesus Christ always. Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ! The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ has the power to save, deliver, protect, cleanse, and provide. There is mighty power in the Blood. The devil, his devils, and his agents fear the Blood of Jesus Christ, and cannot come to it.

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