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Real Dominatrixes

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This book truly is unique...a look at the world of dominant women composed of interviews with REAL dominatrixes who REALLY know what they're doing as opposed to just someone's unrealistic fantasy. For any wanna-be slave who has ever thought of visiting a dominant, here is essential reading to reassure you and help you take that step.

The Dominatrix has long been regarded as the ‘Dark Lady’ of sexual sub-culture. Worshipped and adored, by those who serve her, she inhabits a secret twilight world of erotic fantasy. This book presents a unique insight into the women who work within the ‘sex industry’, as well as those who live out the ‘Fem-Dom’ life-style in private. In a collection of full-length candid interviews, they tell their stories in their own words for the first time.
From suburban dungeons to cyber-sex, earth-goddesses and even an all-female city-state, it’s a world where eroticism co-exists with horror, humour and weirdness; a place where fantasy merges with madness. This definitive portrait challenges many of our preconceptions about femininity and the conventional gender roles we have become accustomed to in modern day western society.

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