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Visions and Dreams

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If the Holy Spirit is upon you, you will see visions or/and dream dreams – whether awake or sleeping. These visions, dreams, inspirations, boldness, empowerment, plans, purposes, and pursuits come from the Wisdom, Anointing, and Power of the Holy Spirit and the Workings of God. Visions bring power. Never allow your vision or dream to die if you want it to produce the required results. Visions and dreams can come in form of spiritual revelations and perceptions of things by seeing and hearing into the spiritual realm, by the Work of the Holy Spirit. They can also come as insights, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, ideas, plans, and perception, which are given people by the inward Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You have to be sure that the vision, dream, plan, and idea that you have is not a human ambition or a satanic idea; because carnal, fleshly, satanic, and human ambitions are not Divine and God-given dreams, visions, and plans.

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