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Altars, Spiritual Gates, and Covenants

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There are Godly altars and satanic altars. There are gates of Godly blessings, and there are gates of curses and spiritual attacks. Also, there are Godly covenants as well as satanic and ungodly covenants. Many of the things that you see and experience in your life and ministry are because of existing altars, spiritual gates, and covenants – positive or negative, known or unknown. Altars may be raised to bless or curse, promote or pull down a person or a group of people, and to enhance a cause or to frustrate it. Spiritual gates may manifest by strange occurrences in someone’s life. But no matter how it may manifest, if the person involved settles the issue with repentance, renunciation, prayer, and speaking forth the Word of God, the devil will bow and his works will be destroyed.

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