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For Such A Time As This

Length: 199 pages2 hours


Tombstone, Arizona, 1881. A small band of missionaries sell all their possessions to help the Mission Indians of California, only to have their mission money stolen along with their newest convert.

Follow Jill McKendrick as she travels through the West at the side of Rafe Kennedy, a bitter man wanted for attempted murder and armed robbery.

Far from innocent herself, Jill vows to get the mission money back no matter what the cost, but Jill’s weapons aren’t guns and knives. Her newfound faith begins to wear on Kennedy until he abandons her in a town where men outnumber women twenty to one. This is a tale of the Old West tied up with the story of a tragic schoolteacher.

Will Jill compromise her faith in order to survive?

Find out what happens in this contest of wills.

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