The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers

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The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers

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12 Ways to Take Your Book from Good to Great

Whether your aim is to seek a publishing contract or to publish your book yourself, you want your writing to be as free of placeholder words, as devoid of verbal crutches, as lean and clean as you can learn to make it. This book will show you how.

Part One: Search and Destroy

Whether it's fish heads, zombie nouns, vampire verbs, or the dread dangling participle, these chapters will show you how to find and eliminate common early-draft mistakes.

Part Two: The Self-Editor's Toolkit

Learn to create richer language, set the pace, and wrangle dialogue tags while pondering "The Most-Hated Writing Advice Ever."

Part Three: Self-Editing Resources

Links to good books and helpful websites for writers, and a printable quick-reference to all the pointers in The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers.

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