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Love Waits Forever

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 What is "Time"? Time is merely a symbol of our limitations. It is a single factor which relegates us from the divine existence. We all live in time that is why we are so frustrated.

 But if you are really in love then you can have the glimpses of what is beyond the time. Suddenly the time plunges into the beauty of her eyes.

 P.S. It is the journey of consciousness to the "Liberation".

 "Vacuum" is an area filled with emptiness and emptiness is our basic nature. Certainly it can not be understood in terms of logic.

 In our life we strive for security and comfort. We all are trying to fill our emptiness with inanimate things - ambitions, friendship, love and envy...

 But one day we have to face our emptiness and to face the emptiness in its whole nakedness is the "Death". The "Death" is the first step towards life; the life where all things are up side down. Indeed right side up.

 P.S. Life is a synonym for death.

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