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Arising From Darkness: RiftRider's Return, #1

Length: 298 pages4 hours


Wanting to escape the torments of the man she called "father", Meranda ran to the one man who would listen, King Ledric. Before she arrives, the man she called father, Gavid, caught up with her and attempted to kill her. Ledric and a mysterious elf witnessed the entire ordeal and vowed to save the woman and to find out everything that she knew.

Gavid murdered someone in front of King Ledric and fled to the desert to hide out. He talks with some orcs and goblins mining in the area so he could easily take over the city. While waiting, he reports to Lord Siebrien to find out the progress of the other towns. Displeased with the country's current conditions, Gavid plans to go to the plains to kill Siebrien and take over the country.

Will the plans go through or will Meranda Treidon and her family arrive in Elmwick in time to tell King Pagues or will Gavid's plans actually come to fruitarian?

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