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Adventures of Sparky. Fortune Cookies Don't Lie

Length: 145 pages2 hours


A New Yorker is born with the ability to walk amongst the masses without even a consideration of banging into another body on the street.

It’s as natural as a river running around a rock.

That’s why when the Camel Jockey bumped into Sparky and continued on without even an apology, Sparky knew something was wrong.

Then once the stripers were involved and the hint of terrorism on the streets of NYC became more obvious, Sparky knew he had to act.

With his secret agent training after seeing each 007 movie 23 times and his past experience as a kind of sort of secret agent in Mexico, Sparky was up to the challenge.

Armed with a fistful of singles and fives, at great personal risk, he risked life, limb and warm beer while uncovering the diabolical scheme that helped bring the terrorists to justice

Join Sparky on this crazy journey of:
Romance-Though temporary as usual.
Excitement -And then some.
Danger -Isn’t he always in trouble?
And Mystery -Not the least of which is, just what happened to Periscope?

Buckle up while Sparkys never ending quest to find a nice broad and a stiff drink leads him on a dangerous journey into the secret dark world of domestic terrorism.

Join in on his latest adventure “Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie.”

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