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Pathway To Spirituality

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This book is about the journey of my life that helped me discover myself. This book will take you through the journey of honesty and the journey of truth - a journey of finding your own self.

Through journey of life, I realize that I found myself with some of the most amazing stories which you would be keen to read. These are stories that are all true and have shaped my personality - made me discover who I really am. Some people do not believe in destiny but sometimes it's fair to say that "what is to happen, will definitely happen".

A civil engineer by profession who had faced many hardships in life discovered the true essence of life through spirituality, met with guru's/saints and is today knows as "Lal Baba" - that is me, Ashok Jha.

This is a true story of my life and through the way I've had many incidences which highlight the very fact that the journey of discovering self is a part of life. Even though this book has only 3 chapters, these chapters are filled with excitement, truth, thrills and most of all - facts about life that changed me for the better and made me who I am today. I'm definite that all the readers of this book will enjoy these true stories from my life.

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